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BadBox Wins Social Impact Start

Badbox is honoured to have received a place in the Social Impact Start program after being selected at a pitching event at Impact Hub Zurich on October the 13th. We are looking forward to developing in partnership with Social Impact Start over the next 8 months. A big thank you to the team at Impact Hub, SAP and Social Impact for making this possible.

What is social impact start?

Social Impact Start is a scholarship programme for social entrepreneurs in the startup phase.
Our programme covers a period of up to eight zu months and includes:

  • access to our networks
  • addressing & matching to potential financing partners
  • professional assistance in writing applications for financial support e.g. foundation and government aid
  • mentoring by SAP employees
  • coaching during the launch and implementation phase
  • information and qualification
  • co-working space (in different German, Austrian and Swiss cities)





Findings Presented to Social Impact Award

The results of 3 months development have been presented at the warp up event for the Social Impact Award (SIA). Many thanks to SIA for making this summer possible, especially enabling the trip to Kenya! The momentum achieved due to SIA will help BadBox continue to develop over the next year!!!

Mid Flow SIA Wrap Up

Prototypes Ready for Testing in Kenya

After a large number of iterations and long days at the workbench there are three prototypes ready to be tested in Kenya. They each test different hypotheses around assembly, use, closing, and transport. These prototypes are intended to test usability factors, and are not biodegradable.


BioBox 2

BadBox 1

BioBox 1

BadBox 2

BioBox 3

BadBox 3

First Day Working at Impact Hub Zurich

Today is the first day working at Impact Hub Zurich. Big tables, lots of light and a collaborative atmosphere are making for a productive day. Sexy Salad was excellent as always. Impact Hub Zurich is both a great co-working space and a center for social enterprise! There will be many unforeseen opportunities working in this space will bring!

Working at the Impact Hub Zurich

Impact Hub Zurich

BadBox Awarded Social Impact Award


BadBox is privileged to have been awarded the Social Impact Award. Benefits of the Social Impact Award are:

  • Up to CHF 3’000 seed funding
  • Professional mentoring
  • A nmembership over summer at Impact Hub Zürich

Developing BadBox

Rapidly iterating box concepts to quickly generate a talking point and research probe.



CAM00725  CAM00719

BadBox through to 2nd round of the Social Impact Award


Stoked to be through to the next round. Just submitted my mini business plan for judging. Check out more details about other winners and the awards ceremony here.

BadBox – Social Impact Award Entry


BadBox – Multisystem Hazardous Waste Collection Product

BadBox is a box for the collection and transportation of hazardous biological waste such as decomposing food scraps, used menstrual products and human faeces. BadBox keeps end users and delivery personal safe and healthy. BadBox is made from waste plant material, utilising further biological waste. BadBox production will create jobs, while helping waste service providers to scale profitably.

Check out the rest of the details here


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