The revolutionary new lighting design console with hardware built to last and modular software that can be moulded to your needs.  The simple, helpful and powerful Ray Console Software makes it easy to get started, regardless if you are lighting your first show or a complex production. The Q-Ray Console series comes in two sizes to best fit your needs. All consoles come with a 10“ capacitive touch screen and the modular Ray Console software. Both consoles are built out of quality steel and are finished with a luxurious hand rest for comfort.  Find out more on

I was employed by Firm Manfred Schachenmann to lead the design and development of the this project over a 3.5 year period. The project started with initial customer and market research, developed into specification of the hardware and software, lead on to leading the development of the hardware, embedded software and e-commerce solution and culminated in bringing this new product to market.


Customer and Market Research
Conducted user interviews and fly on the wall observations. Researched the current product offerings on the market. Created an initial product concept with intended USPs
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Sheet Metal Housing Design
Designed a new and sophisticated product aesthetic for a new brand. Engineered the sheet metal housing in CAD and worked with a sheet metal firm to produce the housings
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Components Sourcing
Sourced components from China and Taiwan. Met with partners at trade fairs to review products and negotiate prices. Tested and evaluated product samples and finalised components
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Embedded Software Interaction Design
Developed the interaction between buttons, faders, touchscreen and lighting control (DMX). Designed all touch screen graphics including intuitive controls for complex devices
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E-Commerce Interaction Design
Developed the graphic design and business logic for a e-commerce website to sell software extensions to the console software. Configured a Magento site.
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Software Development Management
Worked with development teams in Switzerland and Poland. Delivered design specifications, manage GitLab projects and lead development planning.
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Usability Testing
Created and tested functional wireframe prototypes. Undertook indepth user testing of newly developed features with new and experienced users.
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Sales Partnership Negotiations
Lead negotiations with distribution partners. Travelled to the US to demonstrate the product and negotiate a partnership contract.
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Created extensive context help and wrote the user manual. Maintained specification and project documentation.
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