Ray Console

Ray Console

The revolutionary new lighting design console with hardware built to last and modular software that can be moulded to your needs. The Q-Ray Console series comes in two sizes to best fit your needs. All consoles come with a 10“ capacitive touch screen and the modular Ray Console software. Both consoles are built out of quality steel and are finished with a luxurious hand rest for comfort.  Find out more on rayconsole.com

Roles and Responsibilities

Joshua Urieli is employed as the lead designer and project manger on this project. He has carried the project from the initial requirements gathering through the entire development cycle into production and the first sales. His responsibilities range across conducting initial market research, designing the housing, sourcing key components, designing the application software, designing the website, managing software development, designing marketing material, writing the manual, negotiating with suppliers, negotiating with key distributors, managing the project time-line, and anything else essential to successfully completing the project.


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