During the cold desolation of winter there is one plant the shines and pulsates with vigour, moss. At the same time people work hard to keep their cosy homes healthy by using humidifiers to keep the heated air from getting too dry. Why not combine the two and keep your air warm and bring a bright source life into your home during the dark months with a moss humidifier. The humidifier keeps your air and the moss in perfect condition. The moss survives by feeding on impurities in the air, further helping to keep you healthy during the long winter.

The project was a fun little side project and Stefan Schultze and I conducted one quiet winter. We experimented collaboratively over many weeks to develop functional and aesthetic prototypes. We also research the competition as well as consulting experts on potential benefits of moss in the home.


Market Research
Searched the market for existing products. Analysed products to understand market expectations and opportunities to create a unique product
All Skills
Rapid Prototyping
Created and tested different ways of support moss to flourish, Reconfigured existing humidifiers to create functional aesthetic prototypes
All Skills
Ideation through Sketching
Quickly developed ideas in tandem with Stefan by sketching product iterations as we exchanged ideas and discussed potential directions.
All Skills