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BadBox Wins Social Impact Start

Badbox is honoured to have received a place in the Social Impact Start program after being selected at a pitching event at Impact Hub Zurich on October the 13th. We are looking forward to developing in partnership with Social Impact Start over the next 8 months. A big thank you to the team at Impact Hub, SAP and Social Impact for making this possible.

What is social impact start?

Social Impact Start is a scholarship programme for social entrepreneurs in the startup phase.
Our programme covers a period of up to eight zu months and includes:

  • access to our networks
  • addressing & matching to potential financing partners
  • professional assistance in writing applications for financial support e.g. foundation and government aid
  • mentoring by SAP employees
  • coaching during the launch and implementation phase
  • information and qualification
  • co-working space (in different German, Austrian and Swiss cities)





What is Container-based Sanitation?

In informal settlements, where municipal sanitation does not exist, residents often use unhygienic and unsafe communal pit latrines, paying a small fee for every use. One solution is Container-Based Sanitation services, where users rent a toilet from the service provider in their homes. A container within the toilet holds the faeces and is replaced weekly, then transported to a central processing site where the faeces is processed into compost, fertiliser, fuel, or biogas. At equivalent or lower prices to a communal latrine, users have a clean, safe, user-friendly private toilet.

Some Container-based sanitation providers worth checking out are:



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