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User Testing with WSUP in a MoSan

Over the month of August extensive research has been undertaken to understand the context and end user of BadBox. Ethnographic data has been gathered through interviews, focus groups and general observations. A small trial with a single user over a week has been completed. Despite a number of logistical hurdles, the trial successfully tested the core value of BadBox, identified a number of areas for improvement and some ways that BadBox can generate even more value. Many thanks to our toilet partner MoSan and our field partner WSUP for making this possible.

Kisumu SlumsBadBox Trial

Kibera Wheelbarrow Design



A glaring example of human ingenuity in the face of a pressing need is the plethora of ingenious wheelbarrow designs that can be seen around Kibera. If you look closely at these photos you will see that even the conventional parts of the wheelbarrows are ingeniously constructed out of sheet metal, metal profiles and an old wheel. What I love is that the design builds on and improves the conventional wheelbarrow design. Today I saw a guy with a fully laden wheelbarrow pushing it “back to front” so the handles proceded him at about eye level!

Prototypes Ready for Testing in Kenya

After a large number of iterations and long days at the workbench there are three prototypes ready to be tested in Kenya. They each test different hypotheses around assembly, use, closing, and transport. These prototypes are intended to test usability factors, and are not biodegradable.


BioBox 2

BadBox 1

BioBox 1

BadBox 2

BioBox 3

BadBox 3

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