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BadBox Wins Social Impact Start

Badbox is honoured to have received a place in the Social Impact Start program after being selected at a pitching event at Impact Hub Zurich on October the 13th. We are looking forward to developing in partnership with Social Impact Start over the next 8 months. A big thank you to the team at Impact Hub, SAP and Social Impact for making this possible.

What is social impact start?

Social Impact Start is a scholarship programme for social entrepreneurs in the startup phase.
Our programme covers a period of up to eight zu months and includes:

  • access to our networks
  • addressing & matching to potential financing partners
  • professional assistance in writing applications for financial support e.g. foundation and government aid
  • mentoring by SAP employees
  • coaching during the launch and implementation phase
  • information and qualification
  • co-working space (in different German, Austrian and Swiss cities)





Findings Presented to Social Impact Award

The results of 3 months development have been presented at the warp up event for the Social Impact Award (SIA). Many thanks to SIA for making this summer possible, especially enabling the trip to Kenya! The momentum achieved due to SIA will help BadBox continue to develop over the next year!!!

Mid Flow SIA Wrap Up

User Testing with WSUP in a MoSan

Over the month of August extensive research has been undertaken to understand the context and end user of BadBox. Ethnographic data has been gathered through interviews, focus groups and general observations. A small trial with a single user over a week has been completed. Despite a number of logistical hurdles, the trial successfully tested the core value of BadBox, identified a number of areas for improvement and some ways that BadBox can generate even more value. Many thanks to our toilet partner MoSan and our field partner WSUP for making this possible.

Kisumu SlumsBadBox Trial

Best Kibera Guide


Martin has been my guide and is now my friend in Olympic, Kibera, Nairobi. He is highly active in the local community as a community leader making many great projects happen. His love and work for his community is truely inspiring. If you are ever considering touring Kibera give Martin a call on 0721391630.

Kibera Wheelbarrow Design



A glaring example of human ingenuity in the face of a pressing need is the plethora of ingenious wheelbarrow designs that can be seen around Kibera. If you look closely at these photos you will see that even the conventional parts of the wheelbarrows are ingeniously constructed out of sheet metal, metal profiles and an old wheel. What I love is that the design builds on and improves the conventional wheelbarrow design. Today I saw a guy with a fully laden wheelbarrow pushing it “back to front” so the handles proceded him at about eye level!

Open Sewage and Dumping is a Reality


When you have read a lot about a place it is interesting when you actually get to visit the place in person. What this picture does not show is that I am standing on a railway line full of padestrians and boarded by shops selling every daily need from shoes to haircuts to premier league football.

Wheelbarrow 2.0 – Kiberow


Why use a the standard wheelbarrow design? So much more efficiency can be achieved through some simple modifications. Workflow efficiency is key, especially when margins are tight like in Kibera.

Nairobi Traffic


Ain’t going anywhere in a hurry!!! Today 5km 40 minutes. Tuesday 15km 2 hours. Getting to know taxi drivers quite well.

Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya


Spent an awesome day with guide and community leader Martin in Olympic, Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya learning about life in the world’s second largest slum and how the residents are trying to improve things.

Arrived in Nairobi


2 hours to cover the 15km from the airport. Nairobi traffic will take some getting used to.

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